The goal of The Recovery Compass are to empower our clients in creating the community, accountability and support needed for a joyful, fulfilling and lasting recovery. We provide long term case management solutions, in-home recovery support, weekly group therapy and life empowerment coaching for people suffering from trauma, addictions eating disorders and other co-occurring disorders.

Together our team has a combined average of over 25 years experience in the fields of healing and recovery. We will help guide you in building life skills to support you in your everyday life. Our team will help you discover new and empowering ways to experience life. Life should be harmonious and fun. The Recovery Compass can help you decrease the stress and anxiety of managing your recovery, while working with you and your recovery team to build a life that is balanced and focused on your overall well-being.

Start a new chapter in your book of life….. Recovery never looked so good!

Recovery Case Management

You will have the opportunity to create the structure for lasting recovery, personal freedom and develop the tools needed to support your life choices.  In addition to the daily support you will receive from your Recovery Specialist, together we will create your recovery plan which includes weekly group therapy, life skills education classes and recreational development. Our on-going family support program gives you the space to heal relationships with loved ones and establish healthy and fulfilling relationships within your community. We work side by side with therapists, medical providers, transitional living homes, discharge planners and treatment centers to support you in creating a new life.

Long-term Recovery Support

In addition, The Recovery Compass provides comprehensive evaluation and assessments, alcohol and drug screen monitoring, 24hr sober companions, sober escorts, sober transportation and recovery support with the Wellness Management Mobile Recovery App. Each of our services can be individualized to address your specific needs.

The Recovery Compass Team

We bring recovery to you, where you are in your everyday life. Our team is highly trained and has a long history of experience in helping people who are struggling with the stressors related to Trauma, Addictions, Eating Disorders and other Co-Occurring Disorders. Your clinical team at The Recovery Compass consists of a Clinical Director, Family Program Director, Medical Director and a Recovery Specialist who will meet weekly to guide your recovery and treatment plan. Our case management services streamline communication among your therapeutic providers and loved ones, leaving you the time to focus on your daily self care needs, recovery and healing.

Give us a call today and we will help you begin building the foundation for lasting recovery.

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Recovery Compass